Founders & Performers

Mission & Vision

Vietnamese folk music, an invaluable cultural asset, is constantly enriched through time, labor, production, and the love of nature and humanity. Preserving, developing and promoting the cultural quintessence is the responsibility of all Vietnamese people who love their country. The Heritage Show is the place where all the artist gather to spread the value of Vietnamese folk music. The Heritage Show Vietnam is the result of great efforts of a group of Vietnamese artists, journalists and folk music researchers who wish to introduce the beauty of Vietnamese culture to visitors at home and abroad.

The Heritage Show – a folk music show that illustrate the Vietnamese countryside lifestyle, expressing peaceful sound and living space of the old village. The show combines the special stage of performing arts, musical instruments and artist’ performances to give the visitor a beautiful view of the Vietnamese people in the Northern Delta. Joining the show, visitors have the chance to be immersed in the artistic space and to feel the soul and the love of Vietnamese people in the Northern Delta

The Heritage Show Vietnam is the first show in Hanoi about Vietnamese folk music with the participation of talented artists who have delivered performances at international music festivals with the use of the two types of music that have been recognized by the UNESCO as intangible cultural heritages of humanity including “Ca tru”, “Quan ho” and nearly 20 folk musical instruments made from typical bamboo of Vietnamese countryside. The show recreates the daily life of Vietnamese people in the Northern Delta countryside in 90s.